Student Groups & Support

University Counseling Services (UCS)

UCS offers identity-based support groups where students can build community with fellow students who hold shared identities.  Each group meets weekly via Zoom.  Students do not need to be enrolled with UCS to participate in a support group. 

Current groups include Black Voices, Rainbow Group, Latinx Voices, Asian Voices, International Student Discussion Hour, Support Group for Survivors, & Support Group for Students with Chronic Health Conditions.  Click on the link to learn more about each group and sign up.


Being active and connecting with others can give you a boost of energy and reduce stress at the same time.  Wherever your interests lie, whether it's bass fishing, dancing, knitting, or waffle-eating, VCU has over 400 student organizations to choose from.  Click on the link above to start finding your peeps.

Active Minds at VCU

This student group works to raise awareness about mental health and provide students with mental health resources.  For more more information, contact Andrea Nguyen or Jacqueline Dybuvarang at  Click here for an Active Minds flyer‌.

Actively Moving Forward (AMF)

AMF is a student support group for those grieving the loss of a loved one.  Check out their facebook page for upcoming events and workshops.

Comfort Zone Camp

This organization offers free support groups to those who are grieving the death of a parent/guardian, sibling, spouse, or child.