Free Flu Vaccines Are Here!

VCU Student Health offers free flu shots to all VCU students.  The flu shot is safe and does not cause the flu. 

  • Students may receive the flu shot during immunization hours or immediately following a scheduled medical appointment.
  • All students are encouraged to get the flu vaccine, especially students considered high risk for flu complications, such as those with asthma, diabetes, and other chronic medical issues.
Error Message Update

If you are a new student getting an error message when logging into the Student Health Web Portal, this is because your information is not yet accessible in our system.  Please wait until the following dates to use the Portal.  Thank you for your patience.

Submitting Immunization Records

Use the Student Health Web Portal to submit vaccine records.  Click here for detailed Web Portal Instructions for Submitting Vaccine Records.

Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage

There is a national shortage of Yellow Fever vaccine until mid-2019.  For students requiring the vaccine for travel, the following Richmond locations may still have doses available:

  • Publix Pharmacy at Nuckols Place (5400 Wyndham Forest Dr): Call 804-591-4350 for an appointment.
  • Henrico Doctor's Hospital Travel Clinic (7700 E. Parham Rd): Call 804-747-5627 for an appointment.

Where to Find Us

VCU's Immunization Department is located within Student Health Services on both campuses:

  • The Monroe Park Campus office is on the 2nd floor of the Sports Medicine Building at 1300 W. Broad St, Suite 2200.
  • The MCV Campus office is on the 3rd floor of the VMI building at 1000 E. Marshall St, Rm 305.
Services Offered

Student Health offers vaccination services to all VCU students.  However, new students are encouraged to update their vaccines prior to arriving on campus.  A wide variety of vaccines are available for a fee.  The exception is the flu vaccine, which is free to all VCU students.

Tuberculosis skin testing is also available for a $15 fee and is NOT offered on Thursdays.

Students must come during walk-in immunization hours, which is offered on both campus clinics.  Please be aware that Student Health does not bill health insurance; however, students may submit receipts to their health insurance for reimbursement as applicable.

Need A Copy of Your Immunization Record?

Students who have submitted a copy of their vaccine records to Student Health may view and/or print their records and vaccine titers at their convenience through the Student Health Web Portal.  


Contact the Immunization Department at (804) 827-8047 or