Student Health Web Portal

Please log in above with your VCU eID & password.

DO NOT SCHEDULE ONLINE IF you need a same-day appointment or if you can't find an appointment reason that matches your medical problem.  In these cases, CALL THE CLINIC at 804-828-8828 to make an appointment (you will get in faster by calling!).

Are You Getting An Error Message?

If you are a new student getting an error message when logging into the Web Portal, this is because your information is not yet accessible in our system.  Please allow up to 5 business days after completing class registration to access the Portal.

If you continue to have problems using the Portal, contact Student Health Immunizations at 804-827-8047.

Use the Web Portal to:
  • Schedule NON-URGENT APPOINTMENTS.  DO NOT SCHEDULE ONLINE IF you need a same-day appointment, can't find an appointment reason that matches your medical problem, need a physical or pap, or need to schedule a travel health appointment.  In these cases, CALL THE CLINIC DIRECTLY at 804-828-8828 for assistance.
  • Access secure messaging.  Secure messaging is the primary way Student Health providers will communicate with you outside of clinic.  Please do not ignore these messages as they often contain important health information.
  • View approved lab results.  Click on the "My Profile" tab after signing in.
  • Submit and view immunization records.  Once your records have been updated (this may take up to 15 business days), you can view and/or print your vaccine records by going to the "My Profile" tab.
  • Upload other health-related documents, such as your health insurance card and medical release forms.
  • View past and future appointments.  You will also be able to access patient health brochures recommended by your provider by visiting your past appointment list (under the Appt. Scheduling tab).
  • Cancel online appointments.
  • Complete medical forms related to your appointment visit (eg. travel health forms, etc).

Please call Student Health at 804-828-8828 if you are having trouble accessing our online services.

Online Appointments

Online scheduling is available for non-urgent appointments.  DO NOT SCHEDULE ONLINE IF:

  • You have an urgent medical issue and need to be seen the same day.  Call Student Health directly for a same-day appointment (804-828-8828 for the Monroe Park Campus clinic or 804-828-9220 for the VCU Medical Center Campus clinic).
  • You cannot find an appointment reason that matches your medical problem.  Some appointment reasons are not listed because we prefer for students to call for direct assistance.  Examples include asthma flares, head injuries, mental health concerns, etc., which may require more urgent scheduling.  Other appointment reasons (like physicals) have different scheduling requirements.  NOTE: If you present to clinic with an unrelated medical issue, you may be asked to reschedule.
  • You need a physical or a pap smear.  Please call the clinic for assistance as these types of appointments have different scheduling requirements.  Examples include physicals for clinical rotations, study abroad, sports participation, employment, Peace Corps, etc.
  • You are requesting immunizations or tuberculosis skin testing. These services are offered during walk-in immunization hours on both the Monroe Park and VCU Medical Center campuses.
  • You are requesting a travel health appointment.  These visits usually consist of two back-to-back appointments for travel consultation followed by vaccine administration.  Please call Student Health directly to schedule with our Travel Clinic.
Secure Messaging

Secure messaging through the Web Portal is the primary means by which Student Health providers contact their patients.  Email contact is not considered secure and private.

  • When a secure message has been sent, you will be notified by text and/or email to check your messages.  Please do not ignore these messages as they often contain important medical information (eg. lab results, follow-up recommendations, immunization updates, etc).
  • To access and/or respond to secure messages, simply log in to the Portal with your eID and password.
View Lab Results

Your Student Health provider may choose to post lab results to the Web Portal.  Ask your provider which labs can be viewed.   To view approved lab results, sign in to the Web Portal and click on "My Profile".

Submit & View Immunization Records

Use the Web Portal to submit immunization records.  You will need to complete an electronic Certificate of Immunization AND upload copies of your vaccine records.  Click here for detailed Web Portal Instructions for Submitting Vaccine Records.

  • Please upload documentation only one time.  Allow up to 15 business days for your records to be updated. 
  • Once records are updated, you may use the Web Portal to view and print your vaccine records, which can be found under "My Profile".