Substance Use

Quitting Tobacco
  • Students can request a 30-minute appointment at Student Health to discuss tobacco cessation strategies and treatments.  Student Health also offers the following patient education brochures: Smoking Cessation - Quit Plan and Medications and Smoking Cessation - Helping Others.
  • The Wellness Resource Center also offers great info, resources, and support for quitting tobacco.  Students can stop by the Well to learn more or contact Linda Hancock directly at or (804) 828-7815.
  • 1-800-QUIT-NOW offers free phone consultations and support for smoking cessation. Those who use this free resource are more likely to quit successfully.
  • This Is Quitting is a free app that offers smoking cessation help at your fingertips.  Quit with strategies and support from real quitters.  Free expert counseling is also available.
  • Students who are interested in quitting cigarettes may be eligible to participate in a smoking cessation research study.  Compensation is provided.  For more info, click on the link or call (804) 628-7550.
Alcohol & Other Drug Use
The Wellness Resource Center

The Well offers a variety of support and resources to students with questions or concerns about alcohol and/or drug use.  Examples include:

Recovery Resources

Substance Abuse Education

Have questions or concerns about a friend's substance use or your own substance use?  Visit the Well to learn more, email, or contact the Assistant Director for Substance Education and Recovery Support at (804) 828-2086.

Research Studies
  • Concerned about your marijuana use?  You may be eligible to participate in a VCU research study on brief treatment for problematic marijuana use.  You must be 16-25 years old and have access to text messaging.  All information is kept confidential. Compensation provided.  For more information, contact Victoria Childress, MPH at (804) 628-6194.
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