Substance Use

Quitting Tobacco & Vaping
  • Students can request a 30-minute appointment at Student Health to discuss tobacco cessation strategies and treatments.  Student Health also offers the following patient education brochures: Smoking Cessation - Quit Plan and Medications and Smoking Cessation - Helping Others.
  • The Wellness Resource Center is a great place to become more informed about nicotine products, ask questions, and receive support if you're quitting nicotine. Students are welcome to stop by the Well or contact
  • 1-800-QUIT-NOW offers free phone consultations and support for smoking cessation. Those who use this free resource are more likely to quit successfully.
  • This Is Quitting is a free app that offers smoking cessation help at your fingertips.  Quit with strategies and support from real quitters.  Free expert counseling is also available.
  • Students who are interested in quitting cigarettes may be eligible to participate in a smoking cessation research study.  Compensation is provided.  For more info, click on the link or call (804) 628-7550.
Alcohol & Other Drug Use
The Wellness Resource Center

The Well offers a variety of support and resources to students with questions or concerns about alcohol and/or drug use.  

Recovery Resources

Substance Use Education

Have questions or concerns about a friend's substance use or your own substance use?  Visit the Well to learn more, email, or contact the Assistant Director for Substance Education and Recovery Support at (804) 828-2086.

Research Studies
  • Concerned about your marijuana use?  You may be eligible to participate in a VCU research study on brief treatment for problematic marijuana use.  You must be 16-25 years old and have access to text messaging.  All information is kept confidential. Compensation provided.  For more information, contact Victoria Childress, MPH at (804) 628-6194.
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