Summer Hours

Summer 2024

Summer hours for both the Monroe Park Campus and VCU Medical Center clinics will be in effect from Monday, May 13 to Friday, August 9.  Clinics will be open Monday-Thursday, 8am-4pm and Friday, 10am-4pm, except the VCU Medical Center clinic will open at 10:30am on Fridays.

  • What if I'm graduating?  The last day for graduating students to use Student Health is Friday, May 10, 2024.  However, graduating students can continue to use the Student Health pharmacy for existing refills until May 24, 2024.
  • Who can use Student Health during the summer?  Any student who is taking summer classes OR returning for classes in the fall can be seen at Student Health during the summer.
  • Fall 2024 students are eligible to use Student Health starting August 12, 2024.  View eligibility and charges for more information.

Summer Health Fee

A one-time summer health fee of $80 will be billed to students when they come to Student Health for their medical appointment.  This fee covers all visits from Monday, May 13 to Friday, August 9.

Exceptions to the summer health fee include non-graduating students who are:

  • Being seen for a follow-up visit from the spring semester.  These students can be seen ONCE without a health fee from Monday, May 13 to Friday, May 17
  • Coming for vaccination services.  Students will be charged a $10 injection fee, in addition to the cost of vaccines, titers, and/or tuberculosis testing.
  • Returning for Depo shots prescribed by a Student Health provider.  Students returning for Depo shots prescribed by an outside provider will be billed a $10 injection fee without the summer health fee.
  • Returning for Isoniazid treatment managed by a Student Health provider.
  • Presenting for Animal Handler evaluations or exposures.
  • Presenting for needlestick injuries that occur during clinical rotations.  This includes students who have graduated but are still finishing clinicals on the MCV campus.
  • Seeking care for sexual assault.
  • Following-up abnormal Pap results, or returning for a repeat Pap due to provider error.

Health Sciences students enrolled in the following programs are considered year-round and do not pay summer health fees:

  • Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Nurse Anesthesia
  • NEW START Nursing, Physical Therapy, or Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy in CLERKSHIPS
  • Dietetic Interns