Eligibility and Charges

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All visits to University Student Health Services are covered by a Student Health fee charged to students each semester.  Health insurance is not accepted at Student Health.

  • The student health fee covers unlimited visits to University Student Health Services, after-hours phone advice for urgent medical problems and most laboratory tests.
  • Students are responsible for medical expenses not covered by the health fee.  Examples include the cost of medications, imaging tests, specialist visits, emergency room visits, and hospitalizations.  Please refer below to Other Clinic Fees and What's Covered? What's Not? for detailed information.  
  • Student Health is cash-free.  Only major credit cards, debit cards, Rambucks, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay are accepted as methods of payment.  
  • Students are strongly encouraged to purchase individual health insurance for full medical coverage.
  • Students may submit receipts from Student Health to their insurance providers for reimbursement as applicable.
Student Health Fee

Full-time students, graduate and undergraduate, are required to pay a health fee. The $120 fee is automatically billed each semester (fall and spring) to the student's account, along with tuition and university fee charges.

Part-time students (under 12 credits) are charged $10 per credit hour to use Student Health, which is a change from previous years.  Students who change their status from part-time to full-time will be charged the full semester fee.

The summer health fee is a one-time fee charged to students who choose to use Student Health during the summer. The fee is billed to the student account when the student seeks services. VCU students who have been enrolled in the spring and will be enrolled in the fall are eligible to use Student Health in the summer.

Health Fee Refunds

Before add/drop week at the beginning of each semester, students who change their status from full-time to part-time may receive a partial refund of the health fee if they choose.

After add/drop week, no refunds will be given to students who change from full-time to part-time. 

Other Clinic Fees

Examples of Student Health services that are charged additional fees are listed below:

  • $30 Physical Exam
  • $50 Well Woman Exam (includes Pap Smear and screening for gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, and syphilis)
  • STI Screens
    • $20 Gonorrhea & Chlamydia testing
    • $15 HIV & Syphilis testing
What's Covered? What's Not?

Services covered by the health fee:

  • All services, examinations, consultations and minor procedures by Student Health nursing, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and physician staff.
  • Most laboratory tests associated with acute illnesses ordered by Student Health staff.
  • After-hours phone consultation for urgent medical issues.

Services not covered by the health fee:

  • Emergency room visits, emergency transportation or hospitalization for any reason.
  • Laboratory tests associated with chronic illnesses, routine gynecological care, STI screening, and tests that are not medically indicated.
  • X-rays and other imaging tests.
  • Medications (prescription and over-the-counter).
  • Immunizations.
  • Referrals to specialists outside of Student Health.
  • Allergy skin testing, evaluation, and cost of serum for hyposensitization (allergy shots).  
  • Dental care, routine eye examination and refraction for eyeglasses, prosthetic devices (such as braces and crutches), speech therapy, physical therapy, psychotherapy or any items not listed under covered services.
  • Expenses incurred as a result of accidental injury if treatment is needed outside of the Student Health clinic.