Patient Rights and Responsibilities

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University Student Health Services (USHS) is committed to providing an environment which fosters quality health care for all our patients. The Patient Rights and Responsibilities outlines aspects of care which patients are entitled to receive during their clinic visits. A copy of the Patient Rights and Responsibilities is posted in the lobby of both USHS clinics.

Patient Rights
  1. To receive the best care available for your problem, without regard to national origin, race, age, gender identity, gender expression, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, or illness.
  2. To be treated with respect, consideration, and dignity. You have the expectation that your personal convictions and beliefs will be taken into account when you seek help.
  3. To know the identity and professional status of your medical provider.
  4. To expect that medical records will be kept confidential, and to be informed (through “Consent for Treatment”) of the full USHS confidentiality policy.
  5. To receive information from your medical provider concerning your illness, condition, treatment, including possible side effects, and plans for your care.
  6. To participate in decisions involving your health care (including ethical concerns) and to review your records with a medical provider.
  7. To have your privacy respected.
  8. To agree to or refuse any health care service and to be informed of medical consequences of services refused.
  9. To be informed of any research aspect of your care and to be able to decline participation. Non-participation will not jeopardize your access to medical care and treatment.
  10. To state your preferences for medical provider and clinic location (Monroe Park Campus or MCV Campus).
  11. To express grievances to the appropriate person as defined in USHS policy without fear of retribution.  Please click on the following link if you wish to register a concern or complaint
  12. To know charges for services before receiving them.
  13. To choose the pharmacy where any prescriptions will be filled.
Patient Responsibilities
  1. To seek prompt medical attention.
  2. To provide your medical provider with complete information regarding any health problems that you have had in the past and any medications or treatments that you are currently receiving.
  3. To follow the treatment plan recommended by your medical provider and to make it known whether you comprehend the contemplated procedures or treatment plans.
  4. To make note and report significant changes in symptoms or a failure to improve.
  5. To be respectful and considerate of other patients and USHS staff.
  6. To schedule and keep appointments arranged.
  7. To be responsible for your actions if you refuse treatment or do not follow the medical provider’s instructions.
  8. To follow USHS rules and regulations.  This includes the use of masks or Personal Protective Equipment as required by the university or state or federal public health mandates.
  9. To carry adequate health insurance, be familiar with policy coverage, and provide information necessary for appropriate provider referral, if needed.
  10. To pay any charges billed to you.
  11. To read and sign the “Consent for Treatment and Explanation of Policies” prior to treatment at USHS.