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Mental health services at Student Health are offered by both primary care providers and staff psychiatrists.  Services include evaluation and treatment of a wide range of psychiatric disorders.  

Outside of the general health fee billed to the student's account each semester, there are no additional charges for use of psychiatric services at Student Health. However, students are expected to pay for labwork and any medications prescribed.

Services Offered

Mental health services at Student Health include evaluation and pharmacologic treatment of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma disorders, obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, psychotic disorders, and eating disorders.

ADHD Treatment

Students may receive treatment for ADHD through Student Health if they meet certain testing criteria. Testing to diagnose ADHD is not offered through Student Health and must be completed at an outside facility.

Counseling Information

Student Health does not offer formal counseling services. Students who request or need therapy services will be referred to University Counseling Services on-campus or to therapists in the surrounding community.

Scheduling An Appointment

Appointments with a psychiatrist at Student Health are by referral only and are currently only available at the Monroe Park location:

  • Students from both the Monroe Park and VCU Medical Center campuses may be referred to a Student Health psychiatrist.
  • Referrals must come from a primary care clinician at Student Health or from a counselor at University Counseling Services.

Mental health appointments with a primary care provider are available on both campuses and do not require a referral.

Patient Resources

Click here for a list of Student Health brochures, on-campus resources, and recommended apps/YouTubes/websites aimed at improving stress and mental health.