Pharmacy Services

ALERT: Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage

This is national shortage of Yellow Fever vaccine until mid-2019.  For students requiring the vaccine for travel, visit our Immunizations webpage for information about Richmond locations that still have doses of the vaccine available.

Location and Hours

Pharmacy services are available to all Student Health patients.  The Monroe Park Campus clinic houses an on-site pharmacy staffed by a full-time Pharmacist, a part-time Pharmacist, and two full-time Certified Pharmacy Technicians. 

  • The pharmacy is open Monday-Thursday, 9am to 5pm; Friday, 10am to 5pm.  The pharmacy is closed daily from 12 noon to 1pm.
  • A 24-hour phone-in refill line is available at 804-828-7734.

 Students on the VCU Medical Center Campus may use the Monroe Park Campus Pharmacy by:

  • Going there directly to fill prescriptions or
  • By using a free courier service that delivers prescriptions to the VCU Medical Center clinic once daily.
Payment Methods

Students are responsible for the cost of all medications dispensed.  Prices vary and are subject to change.  For specific questions regarding pricing, contact the pharmacy at 804-828-7734. 

  • Student Health only accepts major credit cards, debit cards, Rambucks, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay as methods of payment.
  • Insurance cards are not accepted; however, the cost of many prescriptions through Student Health is often less than what is charged at retail pharmacies.  Students who use the Student Health Pharmacy may submit receipts to their insurance providers for reimbursement as applicable.
Prescription Medications

Prescriptions are available on-site at the Monroe Park Campus Pharmacy.  Pharmacists will provide counseling for all new prescriptions. 

Only prescriptions written at Student Health can be dispensed at our pharmacy.  Prescriptions written by outside providers can be rewritten by a Student Health practitioner during a scheduled appointment.

Prescription Transfers To and From Outside Pharmacies

To transfer a prescription TO the Student Health Pharmacy, the student may give our pharmacy staff the outside pharmacy’s information to obtain the transfer, as long as the prescription was originally written by a Student Health provider.

To transfer a prescription FROM the Student Health Pharmacy to an outside pharmacy, the student should contact the outside pharmacy and give them their name, date of birth, prescription number or drug name, and the Student Health Pharmacy’s phone number (804-828-7734).  The outside pharmacy will then contact Student Health to have the prescription(s) transferred.

Over-the-Counter Medications

A wide variety of over-the-counter (OTC) medications are available for purchase at both campus clinics.  Click on the link to view a complete list of our OTC products and prices.

Medications include pain relievers, cough and cold medicines, gastrointestinal products, vitamins, and more.  Miscellaneous items include thermometers, band-aids, tablet splitters, hand sanitizer, etc.  Prices are very reasonable in an effort to provide affordable services to our students. 

Contraceptive Items

Contraceptive items such as condoms, lubricants, and Plan B (emergency contraception) can be purchased without a prescription.  Latex condoms cost $2 for 6, and non-latex condoms cost $6 for 6.

Prescription methods such as hormonal birth control pills, the NuvaRing, and the Depo Provera injection are available with a prescription from the clinic.  Students can schedule appointments with our medical providers for in-depth birth control consultations.


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