FAQs - Immunizations

If you are a HEALTH SCIENCES student, also click here for more FAQs.

Submitting Your Vaccine Records

1. I don’t have my records from childhood.  Where can I obtain them?

If you don’t have a copy of your immunization records, contact any previous physicians to see if they have documentation.  Prior high schools, universities, or your local health department may also have a copy of your vaccine record. If you were in the military and are having trouble obtaining your shot record, contact VCU Military Student Services for assistance.  Click on the link for more tips for locating old immunization records.

2. Do I need to fill out VCU’s Certificate of Immunization?

You are not required to fill out the VCU Certificate of Immunization specifically.  You may choose to submit official documentation from your health care provider instead.

3. I sent my records to a different department a long time ago.  Why don’t you have my records on file?

Different departments within VCU do not necessarily use the same database to store student information.  To ensure that your VCU electronic health record has been updated, you must submit your immunization records directly to VCU Student Health’s Immunization Department by fax, email, mail, or in person.

4. I have attended another state university.  Am I still required to submit vaccine records?

Yes.  You are still required to submit your vaccine documentation so that we can update your VCU electronic health record.  If you have an additional copy, you may fax, email, mail, or hand deliver it to VCU Student Health Services.  You may also try to contact your previous school and ask them to send it on your behalf.

5. I received many vaccines when I served in the military.  Do I still need proof of my immunizations?

Yes.  If you are having trouble obtaining documentation, VCU Military Student Services may be able to assist you.

6. I was full-time this past semester and never submitted any records.  Now I have a hold on my account and cannot register for next semester.  Why was I allowed to register previously but not now?

Per the Code of Virginia, all full-time students must submit required vaccine documentation prior to registering for second semester classes.  Students who are non-compliant will not be allowed to complete registration.

7. How do I know if you have received my records?

Log on to the VCU Student Health Web Portal to see if your immunization records have been updated.  Type in your VCU EID and password.  Then click on the "My Profile" tab to view/print a copy of your Immunization History.

Getting Your Vaccines Updated

1. Are all of the required immunizations available at Student Health?

Yes.  We offer all of the vaccines and blood titers necessary to meet the state and Health Sciences requirements.  Vaccine and titer fees are self-pay, as Student Health does not accept health insurance.  

2. Will my health insurance pay for my immunizations or lab titers?

If you do not want to pay out-of-pocket through Student Health, you can update your vaccines and titers with an outside provider who accepts your insurance.  You must still submit documentation of vaccines or lab tests completed with that provider.

3. I am not a student at VCU yet.  Can I use your clinic to get vaccines or have lab titers drawn?

No.  Only current students are able to receive care at Student Health.

4. Can I waive any vaccines?

Yes.  You have the option of waiving the Hepatitis B and Meningococcal vaccines.  Please be sure to read the waiver information on page 5 of the VCU Certificate of Immunization before signing.  

Accessing Your VCU Immunization Records

1. Can you email me a copy of my immunization records?

No.  It is against our policy to send immunization records via email as it is not considered a secure form of communication.

2. I have attended VCU in the past and need a copy of my immunization records.  How might I obtain them?

If you still have access to the VCU Student Health Web Portal, you can log in and print or save a copy of your Immunization History.  If you no longer have access, please call our office at (804) 827- 8047 for assistance.