Laboratory Services

Student Health offers laboratory services on both the Monroe Park and VCU Medical Center campuses.  Both Student Health clinics house on-site laboratories that are COLA-accredited (Commission on Laboratory Accreditation) and CLIA-approved (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment). 

Lab Tests

A limited variety of tests (such as blood counts, urinalyses, urine pregnancy tests, strep tests, etc.) are performed in-house by Student Health lab technicians.  Most other labs are sent to LabCorp, an outside reference lab, for processing.  Labs that cannot be ordered through Student Health will be referred to an outside provider or directly to a LabCorp facility for specimen collection.

Scheduling An Appointment

Students should schedule a nurse appointment by phone for lab draws that do not require a separate medical evaluation (ie. a lab order from an outside provider or follow-up testing requested by a Student Health provider).  If labs are being requested by an outside clinician, the student must bring a lab order to the appointment. 

Call 828-8828 for the Monroe Park clinic and 828-9220 for the VCU Medical Center clinic.

When Is Fasting Necessary?

Most lab tests do not require the patient to be in a fasting state.  The student should be notified by the ordering provider if they need to be fasting prior to the lab draw.  For example, fasting for 10-12 hours is required for diabetes screening and a full cholesterol panel.  If you are fasting, it is important to hydrate well with water prior to your appointment.

Lab Fees
  • Labs performed in-house are free of charge.
  • Students are responsible for the cost of certain labs sent to LabCorp.  The fee depends on the lab(s) ordered.  
  • Student Health only accepts major credit cards, debit cards, Rambucks, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay as methods of payment.
  • Student Health does not accept health insurance.  However, students may request receipts from Student Health to submit to their health insurance for reimbursement as applicable.