Blood and/or Body Fluid Exposures

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Student Health offers urgent medical evaluation of blood and/or body fluid exposures.  Health Sciences students should report all occupational exposures to MCV Student Health for appropriate care and follow-up.  Exposures are treated with medical urgency and evaluated by a specially trained healthcare practitioner.  Medications prescribed for HIV exposure are ideally started within one to two hours of exposure. 

What To Do Immediately

If you have experienced a blood and/or body fluid exposure:

  1. Immediately wash the site for 5 minutes with soap and water, or flush eyes with normal saline or tap water for 15 minutes (remove and discard contact lenses first).
  2. Report the injury to a supervisor.
  3. Obtain a medical history and labs on the source patient.  Labs should include HIV, Hepatitis B surface antigen, Hepatitis C antibody, & a hepatic panel.  Previously drawn labs are acceptable if dated within the past 30 days.  The source patient's verbal assurance of being disease-free is not acceptable in any situation.
  4. Contact or go to MCV Student Health at (804) 828-9220, 1000 East Marshall Street, Room 301.  MCV Student Health will always be available for consultation during office hours.  Students rotating at locations more than 30 minutes from the MCV campus should receive initial evaluation and testing at their away site (via arrangements made prior to the rotation by their Program Director).  If the exposure occurs after hours, students should page the PEP Team (refer to instructions below).
  5. Complete an incident report form (as appropriate for each location).
Injury During Work Hours (Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm)

Call MCV Student Health at (804) 828-9220 if the injury occurs during regular office hours for immediate assistance.  The clinic is located in the VMI Building at 1000 East Marshall Street, Room 301.

Injury After Work Hours, on Weekends or Holidays

Page the Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Team:

  • From any hospital or university phone — Dial *60, then dial 4508 and leave your call back number.
  • From an outside phone — Dial 828-4999, then dial 4508 and leave your call back number.

The PEP Team will provide immediate phone counseling and medications if indicated.  The student should then report to MCV Student Health the next work day for labs and follow-up care.